A Tribute to Early Innovators

In 1927, Herman Wittwer started Farmer’s Mutual in two rooms and a broom closet at the original Tenney Building on the Capitol Square in Madison, Wisconsin. Two years later, they moved into the Art Deco Tenney Building – Madison’s first steel-frame high-rise, which continues to stand prestigiously today at 110 E. Main Street.

Wittwer and his founding team surveyed the competition and saw the prospect of building new products for an underserved market in Wisconsin, farmers. They were the early innovators who saw problems through the lens of opportunity. The advocates who built products to fit the market in need. The protectors who were trusted through trying and turbulent times. Over nearly a century, Farmer’s Mutual became the American Family Insurance we know today, a Fortune 250 company.

Today, Tenney 110 powers innovative companies that deliver revenue growth for the American Family Enterprise – and add value to our customers. Now headquartered in the state-of-the-art Spark building, blocks from the original HQ. We are entrusted to catapult the Enterprise into the next century as an insurer, protector, and advocate.