Where talent and ideas connect

Our Build Studio is stacked with a diverse and dynamic team that shares a passion for bringing big ideas to life. This collective of growth-minded entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, and operational experts know the only path to success is through hard fought failure. That mentality paired with our robust, repeatable process gives us the framework to fail faster, learn quicker and progress with more certainty.

Our strategic imperative is to launch high-growth companies that do great things. The funding is real. The market is ready. This is where disruption takes root.

The Next 95 Years

Ninety-five years ago, American Family Insurance started in the prestigious Tenney Building at 110 E. Main St. just steps from Madison’s Capitol Square. Because of the early work headquartered here, some of which broke radically with more conventional insurance companies, we have the funding and commitment to uphold the tradition of bringing new solutions to market and breaking down barriers.

Under our moniker Tenney 110, we combine forces with our Capital Partner arm to power insurance-adjacent companies, with a laser focus on PropTech, that deliver value to both the Enterprise and customers. Our sights are set on the next 95 years. Let’s Go.

“The advantages of being part of Tenney 110 are three-fold: Executive leadership who don’t accept the status quo and see the world through an entrepreneurial lens; access to a creative and smart team of innovators who excel at deep customer empathy and rapid prototyping; and validation of product concepts with a top-tier carrier like American Family Insurance. There is no question that Tenney 110’s network and resources have catapulted the success of Opterrix.”

Ben Zimmerman, CEO

Opterrix is an award-winning risk management platform that empowers insurers to proactively identify, quantify, and mitigate avoidable losses.