Partnering to Deliver Results

As a flexible capital partner, Tenney 110 provides founder liquidity, growth capital, and a deep toolbox of resources through a committed strategic partnership.

Our network of the AmFam Group  and Portfolio partners gives us the ability to leverage established customer relationships to generate new revenue channels that accelerate growth, while enhancing customer value.

Investment Criteria

Homeowners and renters are ready for intelligent home services that provide peace of mind and deliver value. Our portfolio of property technology businesses is being constructed to complement each other and enable best-in-class solutions for homeowners, renters, and the future of homelife.

Interested in partnering with Tenney 110? Email an overview of your company and why you think it might be a good fit for our PropTech ecosystem.

Financial Criteria

Majority stakes
Revenue greater than $1 million
Up to $10 million of EBITDA
Profitability not required for special situations

Our investment focus is on majority ownership. For minority investment opportunities, visit American Family Ventures.

The Next 95 Years

Ninety-five years ago, American Family Insurance started in the prestigious Tenney Building at 110 E. Main St. just steps from Madison’s Capitol Square. Because of the early work headquartered here, some of which broke radically with more conventional insurance companies, we have the funding and commitment to uphold the tradition of bringing new solutions to market and breaking down barriers.

Under our moniker Tenney 110, we combine forces with our Capital Partner arm to power insurance-adjacent companies, with a laser focus on PropTech, that deliver value to both the AmFam Grouo and customers. Our sights are set on the next 95 years. Let’s Go.


Today’s risk industry is faced with a myriad of complex challenges. Opterrix informs and streamlines time-sensitive decision making throughout the insurance value chain.

HomeGauge® provides leading edge home inspection software and internet tools that inspectors use to deliver comprehensive and easily accessible property information to home and commercial buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals.

“The single greatest benefit of being a part of Tenney 110 is the ability to truly focus on growing my business without a lot of distraction. There is honest desire for us to remain autonomous while having access to the resources of a Fortune 250 company. They are truly doing something unique in this space and I’m excited to be a part of it.”

Paul McIntyre, President

Opterrix is an award-winning risk management platform that empowers insurers to proactively identify, quantify, and mitigate avoidable losses.