Company Overview

Tenney 110 is a committed capital partner to our portfolio and ventures, providing the necessary resources to build, acquire, and grow companies that solve real problems in the real estate industry. With the support of American Family Insurance, we bring together innovative thinkers and doers to impact the future of homelife. Our diverse and dynamic team of entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, and operational experts is dedicated to launching high-growth companies that make a difference. We aim to create a portfolio of property technology businesses that complement each other and provide best-in-class solutions for homeowners, renters, home service providers, and every place called home.


Job Description

As an Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR), you will have the unique opportunity to launch, build, and run your own prop-tech business autonomously. We have developed a comprehensive program to provide you with guidance, playbooks, and processes that will maximize your chances of success. You will be part of an active community of entrepreneurs, advisors, and associates who have successfully built and exited from real estate ventures.



  • Take full ownership of launching, building, and running a prop-tech business.

  • Develop and execute a strategic vision for the company’s growth and success.

  • Build a world-class team by hiring and leading talented individuals.

  • Identify and solve significant problems within the prop-tech or real estate space.

  • Utilize your deep market insights to provide innovative solutions that address unmet needs.

  • Embrace a growth mindset and view failure as an opportunity for learning and improvement.

  • Collaborate with the Tenney 110 team and leverage their expertise and resources.



  • Proven track record of building successful companies, preferably in the prop-tech or real estate industry.

  • Strong leadership and management skills, with experience in hiring and leading high-performing teams.

  • Entrepreneurial mindset with the ability to take calculated risks and drive innovation.

  • Deep understanding of a specific market or significant problem that has yet to be adequately addressed.

  • Passion and excitement for the future of homelife and the role technology plays in transforming the real estate industry.


Engagement Model


This is not a full-time employment position within Tenney 110 but will be a consulting agreement with the individual or their LLC. We are looking for individuals to commit a minimum of 3 months to exploring venture concepts with us at >40 hours a week.


Max. file size: 50 MB.
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